Friday, July 28, 2017

Child Custody Lawyer in Bergen County, NJ

When deciding child custody cases, court looks to the “best interest of the child.”  But what does that mean?  How do you show that your preferred custody arrangement is in your child’s best interest?  The answer is to find a child custody lawyer in Bergen County, NJ who understands the law.

Were you the primary caretaker?

While we might want to pretend otherwise, parenting is rarely a task split equally between two parents.  In many cases one parent will do more of the day to day parenting than the other parent.  That parent is referred to as the “primary caretaker.”  Being the primary caretaker may be a point in your favor in a custody battle.
Child Custody Lawyer in Bergen County, NJ
Where would your child go to school?               

A quality education is always in the best interest of a child and if the parents live far enough apart that it would affect where the children would go to school, the quality of educational opportunities must be considered.

How is your health?

Taking care of a children can be very demanding.  If one parent is not in good health that will make the task of parenting more difficult.  The healthier parent may have an advantage here.  This includes both mental and physical health.

How clean and safe is your home?

Your home should be a place that is safe for your children to live.  A home that is unsafe or unsanitary is unfit for a child to live.  If you want a favorable custody outcome, you should make sure that your house is clean and safe for your children.

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