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Are you looking for a family law attorney in Bergen County, NJ? Kathy Karas-Pasciucco of Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson has been a family law attorney in Bergen County, NJ for years with great customer care.

These days, a third of marriages often end in divorce – a usually painful process. As couples deal with the reality of the implications of their decision to get a divorce, their judgments are often clouded. Sometimes they rush or take too long to make the practical long-term decisions that must be made.

Decisions regarding finance, property, and custody must be made and many times, couples are not in the right state of mind to make them. That is why you need a family law attorney in Bergen County, NJ.

What will family law attorney in Bergen County, NJ do for you?
First, apart from the physical stress involved, a divorce process is always emotionally demanding. What retaining a family law attorney does is to give you peace of mind. You are relieved of the stress of understanding the process, signing papers or agreeing to terms you may regret later, and so on. 
 More so, a family law attorney offers:

-    Efficiency
A family law attorney is equipped with skills, experience, and disposition to get the work done excellently and on time. An attorney is familiar with the necessary paperwork to file, the opposing counsel and court proceedings. All these are necessary to excel in the process.

-    Objective advice
When going through a divorce, you go through very deep emotional turmoil, and decision-making is the last thing you should be doing. However, with an attorney, you are sure of objective and professional advice that will favor you.

-    Access to professionals and experts
The testimony and advice of professionals and experts such as bankers, physicians, mental health experts etc, can lend authority to your case. If the need ever arises, family law attorneys usually have contact of such professionals.

-    Competitive billing
The reason many couples are hesitant about retaining a family law attorney is that of the price. Surprisingly, family law attorneys charge lower rates than non-family law practitioners. They understand how tough divorce is and are willing to work things out (regarding payment) with clients.

-    Alternatives to litigation
A family law attorney will offer you advice on whether another alternative such as divorce mediation is the option for you. This option involves a facilitator guiding divorcing couples to reach an amicable agreement. It saves time, money and eliminates the stress and emotional turmoil involved in divorce proceedings.

-    Bully prevention
Sometimes, spouses try to be intimidating by issuing outlandish threats. Whether they do this as a result of frustration or to silence their partner, a family law attorney prevents this.  

-    Closure
In many divorce cases, loose ends result in complications. This often results in post-decree or order-modification litigation that cost a lot. All these are easily avoided. A family law attorney will help tie-up the loose ends and prevent future litigation.

By reviewing, correcting and including omitted provisions in the divorce documents, the attorney saves you a lot of stress.

Divorce may never be easy but retaining a family law attorney is definitely a step in the right direction.

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