Thursday, April 25, 2019

Choosing between Mediation vs. Court

Are you looking for divorce mediation in Northern NJ? Kathy Karas-Pasciucco of Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson is a divorce attorney who provides divorce mediation in Northern NJ.

We have noticed that married couples are filing for divorce more than in previously years. According to statistics: About 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. One thing is the same for all the divorces in the world is this is a stressful process. There is a way in which you can end the relationship on good terms with each other. This can be accomplished by choosing for a divorce mediation strategy. What is this kind of divorce and what can be expected from this? All these questions will be answered right away!

Mediation vs. court
In a divorce mediation process, the divorcing couple will work together with a neutral mediator. With mediation both parties will have to cooperate, otherwise this process won’t work. This is way superior to a normal court case since the outcome will depend on the input that you will provide during the mediation process. Both parties will have to come to an agreement on all the aspects that are related to the divorce.

The mediator is a divorce lawyer who knows all about family law and divorce litigation in general. They are not here to take sides, but to make sure that everything will go as according to an agreed plan. When both parties come to an agreement the outcome will generally be a lot more balanced and positive for both sides.

Communicating and working together is always the best way to sort things out, even in difficult times like a divorce. In the end you will be able to separate on good terms and to rebuild your lives in the easiest and most productive manner as possible.

As a mediator, we promise to uphold a firm and fair neutrality. We want you to come to your own agreements and will offer advice and suggestions based on the issues at hand and each party’s priorities and points of view. The goal of mediation is to assist the parties in reaching an agreement so that life after the divorce is as smooth and conflict free as possible.

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