Monday, February 10, 2020

Post Judgment and Custody Actions

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People usually believe that the judgments given by the courts are final and they cannot be reviewed in the future. Hence they try to make do with whatever it is that the judge has ruled out and they do not engage in any further actions.

However, it should be remembered that this is not true with family law matters. In fact, with family law matters parties are permitted to file motions and to challenge the court’s decision if they believe that justice has not been served. They can file a post-judgment and custody action motion in some very easy steps and demand for another hearing.

What is post-judgment and custody actions?

Any action or proceeding that happens after the case has been finalized and the judgment has been given is called post-judgment action or proceedings. These actions are usually conducted in order to modify judgments. The most commonly filed post-judgment motions are child custody, child support, spousal support, and child visitation.

But while filing for the post-judgment and custody action one thing that the parties should remember is to demonstrate to the court the “change of circumstances.” This means that after the judgment when you are filing for a post-judgment motion you should be able to show to the court that from the date your judgment was entered to the present one, some situation has changed that has warranted the motion.

Making the post-judgment

You can file the motion for post-judgment on your own too. For that first, you will need to identify the court of jurisdiction, the court that has authority for your case. Once you have identified it, you can either visit or surf online for the rules of court which govern the subject of motion that you are considering filing. Every local court has these rules. These rules will aid you in getting your hands on the info that you may not know, like the case number of your divorce action.

However, because of the complexities of the law, filing this motion is not as easy as it sounds on the first go. Hence, it is probably a good idea to get in touch with us at Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson, to hire an expert attorney. Doing that will help you in overcoming the hurdles involved in filing a motion for post-judgment and custody actions in a more easy and smooth manner.

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