Monday, December 30, 2019

Personal Injury lawyer in NJ

Are you looking for a Personal Injury attorney in Northern NJ? Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson have been Personal Injury attorneys in Northern NJ for more than three decades.

Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Northern NJ? For many decades, we have been working as personal injury lawyer.

Everyone hopes for best health in life, but sometimes unfortunate accidents occur. Yet, you should know that sometimes unfortunate events can happen life. It could be walking down the street and suddenly stumbling over an sidewalk. Or you are working as a carpenter using a tools that happens to be defective to the body. Or working as a house wife and suddenly a household appliances is misused and injures you.

In moments when you are in normal good health and next moment your entire life system altered to abnormal health status. The sudden incident affect your work, Family lifestyle, and prevent your previous life thinking to change into ways you never thought it could possible happen. That is very important part why personal injury law remains important and source of protection to all of us. It is under the law for the court to provide a victim in a sudden accident with financial recovery if the accident injuries result from another personal negligence or a defective products you used.

In our office of personal injury lawyer in Northern ,NJ, if you have a sustained a serious personal injury and you believe it was caused from taking defective products or caused by someones negligence, Visit our office or call us for free consultation

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Car Accident Lawyer NJ

Are you looking for a Car Accident Attorney in Northern NJ? Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson have been Car Accident attorneys in Northern NJ for more than three decades.

Car accidents can be terrible things for any body to go through. One moment, life is all good, and you’re driving down the highway peacefully or crossing the street, and all of a sudden, due to some other parties’ negligence or mistake, get involved in an accident. The physical and financial repercussions of a car accident can be quite enormous, not only do you have to deal with various healthcare bills, the vehicle would also need to be repaired or even replaced, all of which can run into thousands of dollars.

Getting in touch with the insurance companies of the parties involved and settling your claim and any reparations to be made can be hard, it can be made even harder when dealing with injuries received from the accident, either temporary or permanent, this is why it is a good idea to employ the services of a good car accident lawyer. A lawyer or law firm would represent your interests and take steps to communicate with the insurer of the other party, like the other driver, obtain all the necessary evidence needed to receive any applicable claims, and get any and all documentation needed in place among many other things. This ensures that you can focus on physical, and emotional recovery, while the lawyers focus on the legal and financial side.

One of the most important things that a car accident lawyer does for you is to contact the other driver’s insurer. A car accident falls under a personal injury case, and the lawyer will open a line of communication with insurance adjuster of any other party involved in the accident. The adjuster is the one with the checkbook to pay out any applicable claims and as such, it is important that your lawyer has a good relationship with the adjuster to ensure that the entire reparation process goes on smoothly and without hitches.

Another important role that a car accident lawyer plays for you is to help prove liability in a car accident claim. Even though you may have taken photographs of the accident scene, your lawyer would probably go back to the scene of the accident. The lawyer would get all the necessary accident reports of the case from the police and would often speak with the investing officers and any witnesses. A good lawyer would ensure that they do not spare any expense or leave any doubts in place when obtaining evidence of liability.

Arguably the most important thing that your lawyer would do for you after suffering from injuries in
a car accident is to obtain all necessary evidence of damages. Your car accident lawyer would gather all available and necessary documents that prove the extent of damages you suffered and how much they cost you. This is important because the prosecution of any case of personal injury, it must be proven medically what exactly the injury or disability is and that it was caused by the negligent of the defendant.

If you reside in the New Jersey area or environs and you have suffered a car accident, get in touch with us at Feitlin, Youngman, Karas and Gerson LLC for a free consultation, and we’ll fight for your financial recover.

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Monday, December 9, 2019


Are you looking for a divorce attorney in Northern NJ? Kathy Karas-Pasciucco has been a very knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney in Northern NJ protecting divorcees rights for many years. Kathy Karas-Pasciucco can handle your divorce legal process and make sure your rights are protected.

Getting a divorce is a tedious thing to go through considering the unease and the breakdowns gone through during the marriage period, so when you want to put an end to a marriage Divorce lawyers serves an intermediary for the party that employs their services.

Divorce often demands more from you financially and emotionally. However, a qualified divorce lawyer will help you make the process a walkover.

When you decide to get a divorce, a divorce lawyer will act as an intermediary and mediator, and also engage in negotiations to try resolving conflicts between parties, and when the both parties give consent to the divorce, it is brought before a family court for the dissolution.

Divorce attorneys also work on cases that involves taking custody of the child(ren), separation of assets and debt, and also giving details on the legality of divorce.

Why should you charter a Divorce Attorney

Steer clear of delays.

Though a person may file a divorce at a court provided they have the necessary documents, you could still have problems with completing forms and also giving sufficient data and proper documentation. When you do not have the proper legal counsel on court process, you may be delayed in the court ruling. This will eventually delay the divorce final by hiring an attorney, you could avoid the delays of filing documents and other factors that could cause a delay in getting the divorce in the quickest way.

Avoid making mistakes.

The major area in which people make mistakes while filing for their divorce, is with the legal system and the stress of the divorce makes it hard to think clearly. A mistake can cause financial harm, and will definitely require future proceedings to correct. When you don’t remember to address an issue such as the medical or insurance scheme, or you didn’t give the accurate value of an asset, you can make an important mistake in divorce proceedings. By getting the services of an attorney, y
ou can be rest assured that your case would be given the best handling it can get, and that you avoid every little mistake that you might regret.

Specialist counsel

An experiences attorney will make certain that you receive everything that you deserve during a divorce. The laws of a state necessarily do not support an even split of assets but only based on the situation of the couple. In some cases, a spouse is even entitled to a particular income that the other spouse will receive in the later period. If you have a child custody and support issue, substantial debts, assets, inheritance, properties then you should hire an attorney to help in your best interest in a divorce.

At FYKG, we aim to help with the best decision for all party involved. As Divorce Attorneys, we look out for your best interest, whether you are pursuing a resolution through mediation or if litigation has become inevitable, you can be rest assured that you can be confident in our bar. We help spouses around New Jersey get the legal counsel you need to protect what’s yours.

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