Friday, January 24, 2020

Work Injury Attorney in NJ

Plumbing Services Are you looking for a work injury attorney in Northern NJ? Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson have been work injury attorneys in Northern NJ for more than three decades.

Life is uncertain and hence, unfortunately, accidents and injuries are always a possibility. They can strike you at any point whether or not you are engaged in a job that is potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, the state of New Jersey takes this into account and so has created a legal system that tries to protect the rights of those employees who have sustained injuries or have contracted the occupational-related disease.

Now in order to receive benefits, that such employees are entitled to, by law, sometimes you have got to hire a lawyer. So, if you are wondering what those circumstances are, then worry not, because we have compiled a list of such events for your benefit. Here you go!

  • Your claim is denied
  • A lot of times the organizations or insurance companies deny the claim of injured or diseased workers claiming that the injury is not work-related or on the basis that they filed the complaint/claim too late. In such cases, you can hire a worker’s compensation attorney to challenge such a wrongful denial of your claim.

  • You have a pre-existing condition
  • If you have sustained an injury in the same body part that was already injured before, then your organization is probably going to blame your pre-existing condition for your present injury too. Hence in such cases, it is usually a good idea to hire a worker’s compensation attorney.

  • You are not getting the right treatment

  • If you have got seriously injured at your work and you need immediate treatment, like surgery, then in many cases the organization delay in approving medical bills. In such cases, if you will have a worker’s compensation lawyer then he might be able to help you in putting pressure on the organization to ensure that you are provided with the right medical treatment.

  • Your ability to work has been affected

  • If in the accident your ability to continue working in the future has been compromised, then you should probably get yourself a worker’s compensation attorney. This is because he will be able to do a better job of maximizing your worker’s compensation benefits. Also, he will structure those benefits in a way such that they last well into the future.

    Hence, these are some of the important cases where hiring a working compensation attorney is a good idea. So if you are in need of one then contact us at Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson for getting good services!


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