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Custody Attorney

Are you looking for a custody attorney in Northern NJ? Kathy Karas-Pasciucco of Feitlin, Youngman, Karas & Gerson has been a custody attorney in Northern NJ for many years.

Custody Lawyer.

When you need to hire a child custody Lawyer.

Quite a number of people are confused as to the right time they need to get a custody lawyer. They might be contemplating getting a custody lawyer without total surety of how to go about it when they experience some form of marital issues.

For example, You have a friend who fell in love with a guy and took the necessary steps in building a home with him. Few months into the marriage, things began to get rough and there was friction all over the place. Although a child was born to them, the presence of the child did nothing significant in reducing the occurrence of fiction in their home. Right now, they are contemplating divorce but don’t know how to go about it, and you wish to recommend a custody lawyer to them.

You are on the right blog. This article addresses circumstances, under which you should immediately call for a custody lawyer; and they are as follows.

  • 1. When you have to go through parenting classes and beyond.

  • The Court might entitle you to take some form of parenting classes that might cover anger management, alcohol treatment or even drug treatment. You might definitely need to consider hiring a custody lawyer if you are alien to these proceedings.

  • 2. When Significant changes are about to happen

  • Your spouse or you might decide to marry someone else or relocate. It will be expedient to have a custody lawyer represent you under this circumstance.

  • 3. When you receive a notice requesting your presence in a custody hearing.

  • If you suddenly receive a notice requesting your presence in court for a custody hearing, you definitely cannot handle it all on your own. It might definitely be a wise decision to opt for the services of a skillful custody lawyer to protect your rights and help you get through the process successfully.

  • 4. When you need to enhance your representation in court.

  • The services of a highly experienced custody lawyer will be needed to create a strong representation of you in the courtroom. You definitely need the “battle” won in your favor; a good custody lawyer might be instrumental in helping you achieve this feat.

  • 5. When your spouse (former) denies you access to your child(ren) illegally.

  • If you are denied access to visit your children or your scheduled visits get canceled at the last minute, then you might also consider getting the services of a custody lawyer to help you out.

  • 6. When your spouse (former) has personally gotten a custody lawyer.

  • You also need to play your game right in this situation. Should in case your spouse goes ahead to hire a custody lawyer to charge you to court, you should also do the same so your rights and best interests will be protected accordingly. This will also ensure the effective handling of counterclaims that might spring up.

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