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Divorce Attorney

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Divorce Lawyer in Bergen County


Having the right materials at your first visit to your divorce lawyer depicts some level of seriousness about you by reflecting that you are a well-prepared client. the guides below provide you with an insight into the kinds of document to take along to a consultation with your divorce lawyer.

Here we go

  • 1. Make sure you go with your well-prepared list of assets and debts

  • This is a very important document that ought not to be forgotten. There is a form to this effect that requires completion before the dissolution of any marriage can occur; here it will prove useful to the attorney during the first consultation by helping you save time. The components of this schedule appropriately separate debts and assets and other forms of supporting documentation.

  • 2. You will need to have handy, your income and expense declaration (IED)

  • The document called Income and Expense declaration can also be referred to as the Declaration of disclosure document. The IED contains information such as your expenses and income as well as your recent pay stubs.

  • 3. You should also go with the list of questions you wish to ask your divorce lawyer.

  • Having written out the list of questions you’d love to have answers to will help you in managing your time with your divorce lawyer and also help you get the required information you need within the shortest possible time.

  • 4. A list of relevant facts about your case

  • It is essential that you draft out and take along with you as a form of reminder, a list containing the relevant facts about you, your spouse, family, and children. This will help your divorce lawyer sort out important statistical parameters needed. Your list should also include bullet points of information like birthdays, date of marriage and children's names.

  • 5. Your Tax returns

  • You should also not forget to go with a recent tax return appropriately filed by you and spouse if you operated a joint return. However, if the returns are operated separately, you should go with yours as well as that of your spouse. If you file separate returns, try and bring your spouse’s latest tax return as well. The tax returns can file up to two years.

  • 6. Your Self-employment documents

  • You can bring as many documents that reflect your business operations if you and your spouse are self-employed. You should also not forget to attach containing income and expenses, balance sheet and other relevancies. You should also not leave out last year’s schedule.

  • 7. Information about your spouse.

  • Initial consultation with your divorce lawyer requires that you go with information about your spouse. The information can cover pay stubs, place of employment, personality facts, health history, and others.

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